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Carpet and Tile Cleaner
Corner Stone Tile and Stone Resurfacing
Name: James
Phone: 408.430.4777

Scooter Carpet Care
Name: Scott
Phone: 408.398.6730

Cleaning Services
Alexandra Cleaner 
Phone: 408.701.8065

Lucy’s Cleaning Services
Name: Lucy
Phone: 408.315.0469

Brian O’Maoinagh Construction 
Name: Brian
Phone: 408.705.7335

HJ Construction
Name: John
Phone: 408.355.3509
Email: jelvanih(at)gmail(dotted)com

R2D2 Electrician
Name: Slavko Micic
Phone: 650.722.0134

Shine Electrical  
Name: Narmsin
Phone: 408.219.1577

Epoxy Floor Coating
Epoxy Foxy Surface Coatings
Name: Roberto
Phone: 408.634.6962
Email: info(at)epoxyfoxy(dotted)com

Handyman Solutions 
Name: Dennis
Phone: 408.568.9677

Mike “Gyver” Handyman
Name: Mike
Phone: 408.313.6754
Email: susoev(at)pacbell(dotted)net

Hardwood Floors
L.T. Hardwood Floors Refinishing
Name: Lee
Phone: 408.449.8064

Santa Clara Floors
Name: Nora
Phone: 408.401.2851

Heating & A/C
AAA Furnace 
Phone: 408.293.4717

Dunrite HVAC
Phone: 408.353.4900

Landscaping & Fences
Enriquez Gardening 
Name: Pedro
Phone: 408.209.8932

Green Sierra Landscaping
Name: Jorge
Phone: 408.509.6281

Mold Inspectors
Applied Real Estate Inspections
Environmental Consulting
Name: Holland Woolley
Phone: 831.227.0805

A.R. Painting
Name: Oscar Romero
Phone: 408.794.9087

Diaz Painting
Name: Rudy Diaz
Phone: 408.218.5585

Pool Maintenance, Repair & Removal
A & B Pool Maintenance & Repair 
Phone: 408.265.5521

All Bay Pool Removal
Phone: 408.592.9371

Water Quality Plumbing
Phone: 408.267.9330

Xtreme Plumbing Services
Name: Michael
Phone: 408.826.7854

Eastmans Roofing
Phone: 408.971.9000

South Valley Roofing
Name: James
Phone: 408.691.2957

Stable Solar Repair, Monitor, Maintain
Name: Monica
Phone: 408.569.7361

Windows, Doors and Screens
M & G Window Screens
Name: Sergio
Phone: 408.693.4819

Window and Door Installation 
Name: Joseph
Phone: 408.768.4938