Bryan Cooper

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Testimonial 1

Bill helped us purchase our first home in the Bay Area. He was referred to us by our good friend who is a real estate agent in the Central Coast.

After a brief conversation on the phone we met him at his office. He was well prepared and our first impression was great right from that first meeting. He has an excellent intuition and effort to recognize our needs and taste.

The relationship was based on trust since the beginning. We were not required to sign anything and he told us that we can walk away anytime if we are not happy with his work. He is a very detailed person and he did his best to provide us with good options and explain all the plusses and minuses of each choice without being pushy at all, in fact he advised us to take our time and not rush things out. He taught us a lot throughout our property searches and visits with his extensive knowledge of the property structures, the quality of the workmanship done on the house, the characteristic of different neighborhoods (even the land stability), the seller’s agent, listing versus actual values, and the politics of buying a house.

He always remind us that it is our decision to make and it should be the decision that will make us happy, but he did the best he can to help us in making that right decision.

We highly recommend Bill and we believe that you cannot go wrong with choosing him as your agent.